Welcome Home!


What does HOME mean to you?

The first priority of Iberia Habitat for Humanity, IHFH, is to provide a safe place for our partner families to call home. 

Our main goal in the “grand picture” is to have a neighborhood/street dedicated to our families. To create the community of strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in Iberia Parish. 


Adam Street

"Home is a place blessed, where you and your family can be secure, have all you need, and share your sadness and happiness. Where you can help each other as a family."— Honey


​"Home is the base where everything begins."— Kelly​

​"I think that home is simply wherever you’re surrounded by people who love you." — Mary Kate


Iberia Street / Providence Lot

 "Home means a new chapter in my family’s lives, a fresh new start, safety, security, unity."— Betty​

"Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone. A place to live with our families and pets and enjoy with friends. A place to build memories as well as a way to build future wealth. A place where we can truly just be ourselves. And whether our houses are big, small, fancy or modest, they are our shelters and our sanctuaries." — Linda

What Will You Build?